Stop Sexual
Bullying in Georgia

We empower students – as well as educators, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders – with the information they need to begin making a cultural change. 

Take The First Step

Taking the first step is often the most difficult. But you’ve already taken the first big step by committing your school to Step Up. Step In., a campaign to prevent sexual bullying among Georgia’s youth.

What is sexual bullying?

Sexual bullying is any instance when youth use sexual words, acts, images, threats, or any other behavior in any manner to distress, harm, taunt, demean, humiliate, and/or embarrass other youth who do not welcome, encourage, or want to participate in the exchange.

When schools prioritize awareness initiatives, like Step Up. Step In., a cultural shift can occur to stop sexual bullying. When left unchecked, however, sexual bullying brings tangible consequences to victims, as well as to the schools and communities around them. 


Sexual Bullying in Georgia

National research has captured the frequency, scope, and many faces of sexual bullying. The Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA), funded by a grant from the Georgia Department of Public Health, began examining sexual bullying among Georgia’s youth in 2010. 

0 %
of Georgia middle school students have been bullied on school property.
0 %
of Georgia high school students have been bullied on school property.
0 %
of the Georgia high school students who are dating (seriously or casually) were physically hurt on purpose by someone they were dating.

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Use the guidance throughout this website, as well as prepared resources, to bring Step Up. Step In. to your school.

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