Get Started with Step Up. Step In.

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Use the guidance throughout this website, as well as prepared resources, to bring Step Up. Step In. to your school! Schools are encouraged to implement Step Up. Step In. however they feel will best motivate the students and communities they serve. This section of the toolkit provides ideas and resources we anticipate you will utilize – although you and your students will likely create other ideas.

To get started, you need:

Support from Administrators

For a cultural shift to occur, Step Up. Step In. should be supported by top school officials. Administrators are important allies to achieving change. Buy-in and support from district officials is also very valuable. 

Adult and Student Ambassadors

Appoint one adult – a teacher, counselor, parent volunteer, or other adult – to lead Step Up. Step In. This person may want support from a small team of other adults and is charged with delivering the program. Culture will truly begin to change when students see their peers participating in the positive behavior that Step Up. Step Up. promotes. Take the program to an existing student club that is seeking an opportunity to make a difference. Or create a Step Up. Step In. Ambassador Team comprised of students from various grade levels and walks of life – to become the on-the-ground presence the campaign needs to succeed.