What is Step up Step in?

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Step Up Step In is a campaign designed to prevent teen sexual bullying and provide information on how to safely intervene during an incident of teen sexual bullying.

Step Up Step In is led by the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA). Step Up Step In is a collaborative movement that engages schools and communities to identify and stop sexual bullying from occurring between youth. The goal is to stop the potential for escalating sexual violence. This campaign is typically facilitated by educators, administrators, and other adults who collaborate with youth-serving organizations.

For facilitators

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View this toolkit to learn how SUSI can be implemented in your school or youth-serving organization.

For Youth

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Are you a student or youth and want to stop sexual bullying in your school or youth-serving organization? Sign the pledge!


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Explore our resources to learn more about the SUSI program and sexual bullying in schools and youth serving organizations.